Curriculum Dental Implantology

Specialist course in Implantology


The optimal treatment of tooth loss is the replacement of each tooth with an implant. This statement of principle of the Consensus Conference Implantology, the Association of scientific societies in Germany, underscores the importance of oral implantology in modern dentistry.

Especially for foreign groups of interested dentists we offer a 12- day-long intensive compact course in Germany. The program of this compact curriculum can be downloaded under the following link. Here you can download the chinese version.


Illustration 1: Implant solution for replacing missing teeth will occupy an increasing proportion in future


The trend is clear: Every year the number of dental implant treatment is increasing in industrialized countries by 15 to 20 percent, more and more patients find out about this method and call for an appropriate treatment for functional and aesthetic reasons. The increasing awareness of the population carries this trend and strengthens it.


This development arises important potentialities for the registered dentist´s own practice- provided he deals with this field. With the curriculum implantology the International Dental Education offers an extremely high quality and inexpensive program for you.

Implantology for the practitioner - this is the motto of the series of courses and turns to the young colleagues who want to learn implantology as a beginner step-by-step, but also to the already working with implantations dentist who will use the latest research results for the optimization of its treatment.


Immediate implant placement and immediate loading, sinus lift, augmentation modern or the latest 3-D computer navigation with stencil techniques and robotics are all issues that are of particular interest. Practical exercises (hands-on) are to also be live operations performed. Group work and lessons are part of all units. An extensive final discussion and the ceremonial presentation of certificates to the participants will be held at the end of this comprehensive series of courses. Own patient cases can be presented for discussion among colleagues.

1. Element

  • As an introduction, the basics of oral implantology are treated in a systematic overview. The aim is to give the course participants the opportunity to already run implantology activities in their own practice during the curriculum.


2. Element

  • implementation of the implant and surgical procedure in practice; Organisation of implantology practice, implementation of the plan, adequate anesthesia, incision, periostomy, bone preparation and assessment of bone quality
  • use of augmentation materials, membranes and PRP, accurate positioning of implants, cutting and suturing techniques, complications in the early and late phase

3. Element

  • Implantology and surgical propaedeutics. The design principles of modern implant systems under mechanical and biomechanical considerations are discussed in detail 

4. Element

  • The various possibilities of oral bone augmentation, both for the upper as well as lower jaw is mediated practice based on the fourth weekend. The main focus is on the presentation of the relevant region in implantology and endangered neighboring structures, as well as the techniques and applications of membranes and performing a bone preimplantogic management prior to or simultaneous implantation.


Illustration 2: Bone augmentation using internal sinus lift


5. Element

  • soft part management and smaller bone management:  In the majority of implant therapies anatomical conditions require bone and soft part-changing measures.
  • The practice-relevant methods of bone grafting, membrane-supported bone regeneration, sinus lift surgery with conventional windowing and management of complications in sinus lift are shown systematically.

5. element

  • An implant prosthetic concept conveys that by cemented itself, can achieve physiologically shaped single crowns.

Illustration 3: schematic representation of an implant prosthetic superstructure


  • In particular, for the Pink-white aesthetics also the crown design in submucosal area plays an important role in addition to known surgical procedures.
  • Simultaneous sinus floor elevation and implantation with low alveolar ridge height are treated and the new technique of 3D computer navigation presented to handle different systems.

Dr. Yamen Asi

2000-2005 dentistry study in Damascus, Syria

2005-2007 practice dentistry in private practice in Damascus, Syria

2007-2008 Branch in private practice in Damascus, Syria

2009-2012 training as a specialist in oral surgery at the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Heidelberg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann

2013 doctorate med. Dent. at the University of Heidelberg

2012-2016 numerous training courses in implantology and implant prosthetics

2016 own establishment in Knittlingen in alliance with the Zeppelin practice clinic

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