Emergency training

with your team


The best preparation to handle emergency situations in your surgery is to exercise and simulate everything what can happen with trained specialists. Our speaker Dr. Alexander Hanisch will visit you and your team directly in your surgery. He can check your emergency equipment for necessary standards. This seminar is very individual depending on the particulars needs of you and your team.


Illustration: An algorhytmic trained method forms the basis for handling emergency

In general every emergency training is structured in two different parts. First you will learn theoretical basics like:

  • hyperventilation
  • anaphylaxis
  • anaphylactic shock
  • aspiration (bolus aspiration / foreign body aspiration)

In the second part of this personal training every participant will train theory on practical exercise. The advantage of this seminar is a greater learning. Particularly we can simulate the communication an cooperation of the whole team in emergency situations.


Dr. Alexander Hanisch

1994 - 2000 medical study at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

2003 license to practice medicine

July 2003 - December 2003 working as a medical assistant in the Department of Anesthesiology of the University of Würzburg

November 2003 acquisition of qualification "emergency services"

January 2004 to November 2004 working as a medical assistant in the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine, Pain Management and Emergency Medicine of the Klinikum Duisburg

Since July 2006, working as an emergency physician

2008 Auditing Specialist medical before Bavarian Medical Association with assistance of the Specialist title in field anesthesia

July 2008 Activity Specialist in the Department of Anesthesiology at the hospital in Neumarkt

As of October 2014 working as a freelance anesthesiologist

Since August 2015 Expansion of emergency medical activities at the locations Zirndorf, Greding, Neumarkt

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