Dental Administrative Assistant


Modern therapies and the ever increasing level of treatment also place to practice personnel increasing demands and competences. This requires a high degree of skills, which usually only can be taught basically in the regular training.


Illustration: High Competent employees are a prerequisite for a smooth running of practice organization


With a training for Dental Administrative Assistant you will receive through our innovative seminar concept the relevant knowledge based on the latest scientific findings and are able to handle all arising in practice tasks independently and professionally. The resulting, smooth workflows relieve the practice owner felt. Within our training you get comprehensive key skills, including in the areas of billing matters / commercial administration, communication / rhetoric, practice organization and management, personnel management / education.

1.Element: practice organization and management

  • procedural approaches and solutions for efficient job performance, taking into account the legal framework in relation to practice, staff and patients, work space design ergonomically, practical rules for the structural quality of care, organizational principles, documentation and archiving, staff scheduling
  • internal and external exchange of information on communication with patients, behavior on phone, written communication, communication with the laboratory, appointment and ordering systems
  • Practice Marketing: Appearance practice, patients receive and patient care, patient-oriented measures

2. Element: legal studies and economics

  • general legal terms
  • laws and regulations of the dental practice
  • labor law and health and safety regulations
  • purchase contract
  • accounting and Dunning
  • distinction between social and private insurance
  • basics of taxation in a dental office
  • management of payroll accounts and salary accounts
  • payments

3. Element: communication and rhetoric

  • psychological and sociological basis
  • interviewing in practice
  • rhetoric
  • leadership
  • dealing with patients
  • basics of perception
  • role behavior in demonstrations and exercises (development of conflict resolution in small groups)

Jutta Dobmeier

1978-1980 training as a dental assistant

1980-1982 work as a dental assistant

1983 training for CMV, active since that time as CMV in Munich and Regensburg

Since 2000, self-employment as a secondary occupation as: author and lecturer of different seminars (accounting, communication, quality, practice manager) Supervision in dental practices, software admissions, external accounts, accompanying reception training

Numerous training courses in the following areas: BEMA GOZ fixed subsidies, prophylaxis, implantology, communication, practice management, training for ZE consultant, QM graduated as QMB, presentation seminars Dale Carnegie

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Dental Administrative Assistant


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