Everyday products and technologies in dental medicine are subjected to new requirements. With our experience the International Dental Education supports scientists and companies in developing new technologies in dental medicine. Our partners and speakers can assist you in exchanging experiences. With our network we help companies in sourcing, market development and foundation of subsidary companies. Our team supports foreign companies in acquirement of market approval for dental medicine products in the European Union.



Illustration 1: We help scientists and companies in scientific exchange, distribution and marketing


Our Institute supports manufacturers and traders outside of the European Union in the process of certificating and risk classification of their dental products. With our partners we help you in applying for CE-certificate and developing a system of quality management compliant with DIN EN ISO 13485 in dealing with medicine products. After that we support you in acquiring your coustomers on european market.



Illustration 2: We accompany manufacturers of dental products for certification and market approval in the European Union


For further information please contact us: info@idental-education.com

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