Removable dental prosthetics


This course will emphasize the steps required and the procedures to follow to provide successful, functional, and esthetic complete dentures and removable partial dentures in the general dental office for the easy and demanding dental patient. Consideration will be given to time saving techniques, and optimal methods, to achieve predictable results which will pelase the denture patient and extend the skills of the dentist.



Illustration: removable prosthtics are part of this course


Specific Areas That Will be Covered During Course Are:


  • Diagnosis and Evaluation of Prosthetic Patients
  • Formulating Treatment Plans for the Complete and/or Partially
  • Edentulous Patient
    • Evaluating Patient’s Problems with Existing Prosthesis.
    • Use of Temporary Reline Materials.
    • Presentation of Treatment Plans to Patients.
    • Implants in Removable Prosthetics
  • Pre-Prosthetic Treatment
    • Surgical Intervention (Arch Form, Implants)
    • Non-Surgical Intervention
  • The ABC’s of How to Make a Successful Prosthesis in Your Practice
  • Preliminary Impressions
  • Final Impressions
  • Centric Registration
  • Prosthetic Tooth Selection
  • Insertion
  • Follow-Up
  • Discussion on Partial Denture Designs
  • Discussion on the Use of Attachments
    • Partial Dentures
    • Overdentures
  • Discussion on Implant Reconstruction With or Without Removable Prosthetics
  • How the Understanding of Removable Prosthetics can Enhance Your Dental Practice
  • Biomechanical Gnathology
    • The Latest Discipline for Occlusion



Herbert Thiel

Independent master dental technician, born in 1955


  • since 1982 International lecturer at various course institutes on (cranio-mandibular dysfunction) CMD problems, functional wax-up technique as well as precision casting technique, aesthetics and numerous publications
  • since 2002 member of the dental excellence international laboratory network e.V.
  • special focus since 1990: precious metal casting technology and perfection of work processes
  • Another field of knowledge is the functional theory in relation to the temporomandibular joint as well as in the articulator and the transfer of function into the occlusion.
  • Early on, he worked on the CAD / CAM technique, mainly the milling of zirconium oxide frameworks, and also refined this technique for himself.

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